Monday, July 17, 2006

LED navigation lights LED cockpit anchor light

Last week we received the LED lights we ordered from Bebi Electronics in FIJI

We received them within two weeks of order which is really amazing. They weren't dropped shipped either, as the envelope has stamps from Fiji. They were shipped in a padded envelope from Fiji to our mail service in Miami and forwarded to our mail service in St. Maarten. This was faster than a DVD from Amazon.

We have hooked up the LED Cockpit / Anchor Light and I'm amazed at the brightness. You can read a book with it. The best part is that it appears to draw only 0.1amp as the ammeter read 0.9amps (our Coleman Stirling refrigerator) and it went up to 1.0amp when the light was plugged in. Our previous cockpit light gave up the ghost as we were waiting for this new one. It was one with a light sensor so it would automatically turn itself on when it got dark which was a nice feature... until it decided not to turn on anymore. It also consumed something like 1.2amps which is more than the fridge and new LED light combined!

We hope to install the new masthead LED lamp today. We had to modify the lamp housing but that wasn't too much trouble. I love saving power as it means you are not afraid to use it.

Check them out and read their story.

s/v So It Goes (1969 classic plastic CAL 34 liveaboard sailboat)