Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tropical Storm Chris at 5pm from St. Maarten (St. Martin)

Well, it looks like T.S. Chris is going to be passing close by...

(This image from Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog VISIT HIS BLOG)

It just started raining at 5:05pm (EDT & AST) and now, at 5:23pm I just saw the first lightning flash and the thunder was less than five-one-thousand away. I don't like electrical storms as that is what "did in" Loose Moose 2.

We put out a second anchor and have cleared the decks. In about 5 minutes the Lagoon bridge should open. Hope we don't get any new neighbors, because as you know, the holding around here isn't very good, and with the rain people might not take as much care as they should.

Oh well, we'll see.... So It Goes !

I hope everyone has a good evening!