Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tropical Storm Chris is a No Show in St. Maarten / Martin

Hurray! It was dead calm throughout the night. A couple of light sprinkles of rain which made me open and close the hatches during the night but that's OK! NO COMPLAINTS! Very happy that Tropical Storm Chris tracked farther north than forecast.

11am - Click for larger image

St. Maarten (St. Martin) is in that little blue line under the orange "current position" marker.

We are pointing in the wrong direction which is weird (West & Southwest). The planes are coming over us to land. Some are quite impressive! One of the big catamarans left with the 9:30am bridge but the other one is still here... They are probably tired (like me) as they were out in their cockpit until the wee hours. I didn't really sleep until 5am.

We'll finish our second cup of coffee and then go out and pick up our second anchor and perhaps put the solar panel back outside for our 12V system.

I notice there appears to be another tropical wave out there this side of 50W... hmmmmm.

It looks like the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are not going to get the brunt of the storm either which is good news. Our friends, Kerry and Baz of the charter yacht PROMENADE begin a new charter this afternoon so Chris's nonappearance is good for them as well. Have fun, guys!

And thanks to our friends Jerry & Shary, owner-operators of the charter yacht CARABELLA, for writing and asking how we fared down here in St. Maarten.

Stay safe!