Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tropical Storm Chris St. Maarten 8pm update (St. Martin)

Well, I'm very happy that the rain only lasted for 25 minutes and we were able to go outside at 5:30pm. We had quite a few boats come in with the 5:30pm bridge. Several small motor boats, the Edge II ferry (Edge came in earlier), a few daysailers.

These two 80-foot catamarans came and anchored to the north of us, followed by the Lady Sheffield over to their right. Oh well, at least we still have a good zone of clear space around us. I was happy that nobody wanted to place their anchor over ours.

We charged up the 12V batteries somewhat, made sure we have a couple of DeWalt batteries charged up just in case we need power tools (maybe I'll feel like vacuuming... Not!). Tested the deck lights.

The 8pm coordinates are 18.3 N...61.6 W. MOVEMENT TOWARD...WEST-NORTHWEST NEAR 13 MPH. MAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS...60MPH. MINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE...1003 MB. We are approximately 18N 63W, so the center of the storm is a little north of us and about 100 miles east... So I expect Chris to be at about 3am with a bit of weather beforehand. Still quite pleasant out at 8:30pm.

Click on image to enlarge.

St. Maarten / St. Martin is in that little short strip of blue coming out of the V section. Just popped outside and everything is nice and calm. Not used to this amount of dinghy traffic as it has been so empty lately. It is a bit chilly feeling at 83F (inside). My feet are cold, which is kind of enjoyable.

So, we've topped up the Honda generator, fed the Bullwinkle, and the cat box has been cleaned. Guess it is time to make some dinner and watch a couple of DVDs. Probably won't sleep much tonight but we have a couple of books to doze with...

Hanging in there!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!