Thursday, August 10, 2006

Visit our sailing bookstore : books dvds tools

While Bob was outside this morning installing our new deck organizers and other bits and pieces to bring the mainsail controls back to our cockpit, I've been busy with our store.

Have you visited it yet? Here's the link: OUR GENERAL STORE

You know how difficult it can be to search for certain items on Amazon? Well, we have carried out the tedious task of searching Amazon for you. We have Books (cookbooks, cruising guides, rigging, boat maintenance), Music (soon come!), DVDs (personal entertainment, sailing instruction,rigging, etc.), Tools (DeWalt cordless power tools, etc.) and other cool stuff. More to come, such as diving equipment, for example.

Today, I added some DVDs that you may enjoy for your personal viewing pleasure. We like having a collection of TV series aboard. We feel that they are "good bang for the buck" and they are good to loan to other cruisers.

One problem we have is making sure that we don't view spoilers or read something about a series that is currently running because we won't be able to purchase and see the DVD for another few months! Did they decend down the ladder from the hatch in LOST? Don't tell me!