Friday, March 16, 2007

Remoras, they always make me think of Jimmy Buffett

Yesterday we had kind of a late lunch. I made a couple of ham sandwiches. The ham is really good but we've had it for a few days and the fatty bit around the outside was a bit yellow looking so I pulled it off and asked Bob if he wanted to feed it to the fishes...

He tossed the ham in the water and two remoras appeared. They are big guys. I don't know what size of critter they'd attach themselves to.

Smile !

They were about three feet long.

They liked the ham. We gave them a bit of cheese. Then I took the couple of day baguette bits out of the trash. Bob managed to break up the bread although he did manage to cut his finger on the hard bread... The fish probably liked the blood condiment on their sandwich :)

Have a good one!