Monday, August 27, 2007

Fish Feeding Frenzy Morning - St. Maarten SXM

I don't feel well today so I was sleeping in. I was awakened by the cries of seagulls, plummeting pelicans and splashing fish. I opened my eyes and, as I'm in the forepeak, I see a pelican out the starboard port then above me through the deck hatch and then on the port side port and back again... sort of like he's playing hopscotch with the boat.

I finally got the camera and went outside but most of the birds were finished with their morning snack and hanging out on the dry dock again...

The fish were still at it though, but not as intense. Bob had the little spinning rod out to see if someone would bump into the lure and come to dinner.

There must have been about 10 of the big guys tearing a path of destruction from under our boat through the huge school of little fish. Don't know what they are but it was spectacular.

It rained pretty hard for a bit last night. It is very humid right now which is really the pits when you don't feel well. Here's Saba.

They're back! Must be lunch time...