Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Dean Day+1 Simpson Bay St. Martin / Maarten SXM

We expected this but it doesn't mean we like it... it is very rolly today with the swell coming in from Dean. Could be worse though, right? Hold on tight Jamaica!

These still photos don't do justice to the state of the swells we are having, but it's nice to have pictures.

It is a beautiful morning. Still gusty at times but the sun is out, the sky is blue and partly cloudy. The surf on the beach is very pretty. The swell is very sandy. We're not going to go for a swim this morning. Not much in the way of rain for this storm so we didn't have the open/close hatch drill.

I'm sure glad that we have wifi on the boat. The guy on the local SXM cruisers net did, in MY opinion, a hmmmmm what word should I use.... crummy job of relaying the weather forecasts for Dean. He would not read the updates, just give us his interpretations which quite often were WRONG! Wednesday morning he said the hurricane track was going through Bequia and Grenada. We couldn't figure how he came up with that unless he gets his news from the guy on the barstool next to him. This is important information which people depend on so be accurate. Read the forecast, give the coordinates, and then, if you must, give your opinion/interpretation. This morning at 7:30am he said that the center of Dean was 600 miles away from us which I thought was really moving fast especially since he would be using a 3-hour old position. Well, I just calculated the center of the storm using the 8am position and Dean is 295 miles from SXM. A listener asked for the coordinates and he didn't have them... go figure! Enough ranting but this really gets up my nose.

So, we are happy to have weathered the storm. We can handle being a bit uncomfortable. Tropical Storm force winds are extending outwards to 205 miles according to Advisory 21A at 8am.

The bridges did not open at 9:30 or 11:30am this morning (Saturday).

Stay safe!