Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Aaargh! This is very frustrating. Our hosting company, vip-hosting.com is having serious problems with their email server. I actually talked to a real person yesterday morning and he thought it might have been because they were overwhelmed with spam and that the admin would have it straightened out in 15 minutes... Well, 20 hours later it is still down.

I called again yesterday afternoon and the woman was trying to get all my personal details which I didn't give as I just wanted to know the status of the email problem. She was not aware that there was a problem. She was based in the Philippines... I can't believe that they are trying to farm out the support overseas again. They did this a few years ago and I had major problems getting any service and started to look elsewhere.

I just called again this morning and they are not taking calls, just voicemail. Don't blame them as probably ALL of their customers are calling them.

They no longer have a notice concerning the email problem on their website so I thought it had been solved. Nope. If you go to network status on their support page http://www.vip-hosting.com/support/network_status.php , it shows a red light on POP and SMTP.