Thursday, February 07, 2008

Buffy & Willow Venture Outside

lHere’s a photo I took of our kittens, Buffy & Willow.

They’ve gone out a few times this week but they’re cool about it. I was afraid that once they went out they would always be trying to get out but they went out for a few minutes while we were in the cockpit then they went back inside like it is no big deal.

Friday update: Here's the photo. Was finally able to upload it this morning. The cats were out in the cockpit when it started to rain. They looked confused. Bob wrangled them inside, but Willow jumped out again, and in, and out, and in.... Willow was actually pretty damp! Of course, they had to go and lay on the bed :) BUT, at least they didn't venture into the litter box and get clumping cat litter stuck between their toes.