Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Items in stores should be priced


Aargh! This really bugs me. Today I bought some instant mashed potatoes in a foil pouch at the Gourmet Marche in Simpson Bay, SXM. The code has not been registered in the computer but for the last 3 weeks, we've been told it is 1.35 guilders. Today, there is a price for the plain potatoes at 1.35NAF but none for the other type... but it is in the computer now for 2.99 guilders. More than twice the price, but I didn't want to hassle and just bought the 4 pouches but never again as they are not THAT special. (I know, look at the bright side... I was actually getting the better product for a discount.)

So, I guess that helped to put me in the mood for Budget Marine. They still have pricing "issues". I had to wait in line for about 10 minutes while they were trying to figure out how much some 24V pump cost as they only had a 12V one in the computer and the catalog... Why they were looking in 2008 catalog (wait isn't this 2008?) I don't know because it is not an accurate source of prices.

Anyway.... We bought a 3oz tube of Super Lube. Bob told me it was $6.00 (tube had a code but no price) and I was surprised she told me it was $5.95 with my discount (plus everything is 10% off marked prices as it is). I went to the shelf and it was marked $6.80 on the label. Zeros and eights look very similar.... So when I got back up to the front of the line to tell her what the marked price was, she had to go to the back of the store and look for herself. Which is OK, but really all I wanted was the one item... she saw the tag and we went back and I got the right price. As it was an American product, I was happy that she didn't give me the "euro" excuse.

Well, at least it was lube if you catch my drift... )