Thursday, February 21, 2008

Updating our Amazon Store

This morning I've been updating our ALL ABOUT BOATS and MORE Amazon Store.

I've added a "PET" category, plus I added a couple of books to the "Books: Cruising with Pets" category. I went to the first page in our "Pet" section which has a brush, cat grass, cat toilet training kit, and some pet carriers. This page has a "SIMILAR ITEMS" section in the right column with three items listed... the first was for catnip, the third was for a cat book, but the second item really amazed me... it was a PlayStation 3 Wireless Controller! Is this a cat toy? Is it to train one's cat? Funny :)

Remember to check out our A-Store. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find things on Amazon so we have done the searching for you... such as cruising guides. Unfortunately, not much new for Venezuela... just the Chris Doyle book which we'll have to get soon.