Tuesday, April 01, 2008

BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO WACKA, our first boat cat

April 1st is April Fools and poisson d'avril, but for me it is foremost Wacka's birthday.

Wacka was 16 years old when she passed away the week before Hurricane George in September 1998.

I know a few of my old friends from OECD in Paris will remember her:
  • Sandra will remember Wacka's very loud & persistent voice when she graciously drove our stuff from our apartment in Paris out to the boatyard at the Charles de Gaulle airport where we built the first Loose Moose.
  • Derek will treasure the memory of little Wacka's fragrance on his pillow when we all lived aboard the barge Black Moon along the Seine in Le Port Marly outside of Paris, France.
Wacka was a good sailor. She was with us on Loose Moose when we traveled from Paris down the Seine to Le Harve, then sailed up to St. Valery Sur Somme and then through the canals back to Paris and then to our spot on the Marne at Joinville Le Pont.

Bullwinkle joined us a few years later and they really helped out during our transatlantic crossing aboard Loose Moose 2.

They were both good cats. We miss them and have many fond memories.