Monday, April 14, 2008

Peg Leg Pub New Location in St. Maarten

APRIL 2008 - We are very sad to see that one of our favorite restaurants in St. Maarten has moved. They used to be conveniently located for cruising folks as they had a dinghy dock in the Lagoon at Three Palms Plaza (across the water from Budget Marine & in between Pineapple Pete and Domino's Pizza).

It was the perfect place for us to have dinner before a movie which was just down the road a bit. They have half-price appetizers for happy hour between 4-6pm and $1 beers. We could easily have a good feed and a couple of beers for UNDER $20... for both of us, not each. I usually would not have room for popcorn at the movie which is really saying a lot for me :)

But now they have moved. I suppose we could tie up over at the little marina in the back of Port de Plaisance Marina where the French restaurant is and then walk up to the casino, but it's just not convenient for us anymore... We've been spoiled!

We really like Jack & Linda so I'm sure we'll still pass by, but not as often as before as it would be a specific trip and not a "hey, it's Tuesday so it is Meat Loaf for the lunch special... Let's GO" Perhaps we'll just have to do Pineapple Pete instead as a pre-movie deal. Haven't been there in a long time and I seem to remember something about a wings special...

Anyway, this is what it says on the Peg Leg website:

Peg Leg Moves In April!

Peg Leg Pub & Steakhouse moves early in April from Simpson Bay to the former location of the "Surf and Turf" just inside the Casino entrance at Princess Port de Plaisance. The schedule:


Our new Port de Plaisance location is much closer for people in the Cupecoy area -- just 20 minutes through Marigot. That's a lot better than 1 1/2 hours thru Simpson Bay!

Join us at our new location starting April 12, 2008!
All the best for your new location & hope to see you soon, Jack & Linda. Your restaurant has it all... Good food, Good service, Good specials, Good hospitality!

Keep it up!