Friday, July 11, 2008

Cat toys

Recently we made an Amazon order as we knew we were going to be in St. Martin for a couple of more weeks and thus have access to mail.

We ordered some books and a few DVDs that had been newly released, plus we bought some CAT TOYS!

Buffy and Willow seemed to appreciate them. The catnip mice are now without tails and each have a felt eye missing. The ball with a bell occasionally gets batted around, but Willow's favorite toy is a 2-foot long piece of light rope, and Buffy loves wire ties... you know, those things plastic things that hold groups of wires together, while larger sizes are used as handcuffs :)

Just reminded me of the Steve Martin routine... "Does anyone know where I can get some cat handcuffs?" I think it was from his album (remember albums?) "A Wild and Crazy Guy (CD)". which you can also get as an MP3 download. I miss albums... the artwork, the liner notes...

So It Goes...