Thursday, October 09, 2008

Boat project: Install opening hatch / port in forepeak

Today we decided to install our new (previously-owned) hatch in the forepeak. We were given two opening ports from our friends aboard the charter yacht Honiara as they were replacing them. Thanks, Pierre & Adele!

Not too nervous about cutting such a big hole in the deck, but always worried about what you might find as this is a vintage 1969 CAL-34.

Happy days... The removed deck section is in excellent shape!

We have installed the port so the frame will be flat and not take the camber of the deck. This is the reason that these hatches often leak. If you pull down the side part of the frame to be flush with the deck (seems sensible, right?) the other part with the glass in it is rigid and will not conform to this arc and thus you have a gap along the side portions.

Of course, just as we were installing the port and putting our first epoxy fillet around it, the rain came out of nowhere. Maybe the boat in the Time Out boatyard decided that it was a lovely day and that it would be safe put on another coat of paint and THEY caused it to rain, again :)

What a difference this second hatch made last night. I didn't have to have my fan on! Plus, Buffy can easily jump in and out of it. The other hatch which is higher as it is on the coachroof portion of the forepeak is just too much effort for her (but Willow has no problem).

Friday... just checked and it looks good. We hope to finish it up this morning.

Oh yes, if you are interested in chartering Honiara (see above) let us know! Contact us HERE.