Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A couple of interesting posts

A couple of recent blog posts that I've found interesting:
  • Stinky Soy Goo Could Fight Alzheimer's
This looks like a tasty way to keep Alzheimer's at bay :)

"Natto is a soybean product that is sticky, slimy and smelly, but it might be able to ward off Alzheimer's disease. Once a theme ingredient on Iron Chef, natto contains an enzyme called nattokinase that can shred brain plaque, and chemists think it could become a game-changing medication."


  • Won't find these on AMAZON.com: Vicodin Earrings
One of our favorite TV shows is HOUSE MD. Having lived in Europe for over a decade we became big Hugh Laurie fans and we were intially shocked to see him as an American super-doc as opposed to the foppish English aristocrat in BLACK ADDER. House is not known to see his patients unless in extreme circumstances but this will get him running to the bedside... Vicodin earrings. See this post on how to make your own!