Sunday, June 07, 2009

Beatles : Strawberry Fields & Penny Lane

While having my second cup of coffee, I watched both Penny Lane & Strawberry Fields "videos" by the Beatles. This is in the time before "music videos". Way back then, I would place the mic close to the speaker of the black & white TV downstairs (we had 3 channels) and hope nobody would make a sound while recording to our huge reel-to-reel tape machine. Those were the days (I was very young, of course!)....

Hmmm, is that an All in the Family reference which I also watched downstairs and away from parents?

I also taped Beatle songs off of the cartoon show. Unfortunately, this also recorded the cartoon's sound effects, such as Frankenstein yawning which I still expect to hear when I listen to the original recording from the album :)

So, it was with great pleasure that I found Penny Lane & Strawberry Fields on YouTube.

I always liked Penny Lane better because it has horses and I didn't care for the destruction of a musical instrument in Strawberry Fields.