Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day: for the man who has everything

This guy already has three of the largest superduper-megayachts in the world, but now (for how long?) he has the biggest of them all...

Here's the article from

m/y Eclipse is about 170 meters (558 feet) and only accommodates 24 people and has a crew of 70.
Apart from the luxury fittings and indoor and outdoor pools, it has a military-grade missile defense system to keep the oligarch safe. At 170 metres, it will be longer than Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's 530-ft. Dubai, currently ranked as the biggest yacht in the world.

The Eclipse is also being equipped with armor plating surrounding the bridge and Abramovich's master suite, as well as bullet-proof windows. There's also a submarine that can be launched underwater and dive to a depth of 160 ft. that doubles as an escape pod, as well as two helicopter pads.
So It Goes was recently in the boatyard so we could do our antifouling paint and a few other things. Can you imagine what the cost of just one coat of antifouling paint would cost for a boat of this size? Neither can I...

Maybe you could make do with an Amazon gift certificate for Father's Day :)