Friday, June 19, 2009

Yesterday's activities

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

We are anchored over by Explorer Island (French side) of the Simpson Bay Lagoon and we put-putted our dinghy over to Island Water World without getting wet. That was cool.

At Island Water World, we found the two bimini fittings we wanted (hurray!) plus we bought two sheets of plywood. Transporting a 4'x8' sheet of plywood in an 8-foot dinghy can be rather difficult so we asked if they would deliver it for us out to our boat... Doesn't hurt to ask... They said sure! That was a BIG help!

After lunch, we went back to the Dutch side to Palapa Marina and rented 2 DVDs, bought another week of Scarlet WiFi, and most importantly bought Buffy & Willow a bag of Cat Chow. We've been buying the Green bag for indoor cats and they seem to like it just fine. They don't seem to be picky eaters (Wacka used to like only Purina Poulet & Ron-Ron canned lamb variety. Bullwinkle wasn't fussy. Loved pork & McDonald's fries. Such a gourmand).

Then, after checking email back on the boat, Bob started cutting up the plywood to build our new hard dodger.

We then went to the movies and saw The Proposal. Coming out of the cinema, I called ahead to Dominos to order a take-out pizza. We had the pizza & G&Ts on the foredeck with the kittens. This was their first pizza experience. Buffy & Willow have discovered Pepperoni and Italian Sausage. Buffy also loves the pizza box.

Of course, since we have plywood outside, we had a couple of early morning downpours. It looks better now & I can see some blue sky. We are going to go to the French side and buy gas (Dutch side raised gasoline prices by almost 25% Wednesday) and then go to the supermarche for some lunch stuff.

It's Friday! Have a good one...