Friday, October 23, 2009

BEATLES themed Monopoly & Trivial Pursuit board games

This morning sent me an email as a "get a free game" promotion.  One item in the email was a Monopoly Star Wars Clone version.  I found that interesting so I went shopping to see if Monopoly had any other themes.

I found this:

Wheeeeeeeeeee, that's really cool!

Product Features (from the Amazon site):
  • Six custom pewter tokens including: The Walrus, Here Comes the Sun, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Strawberry, Octopus's Garden, and Rocky Raccoon
  • The familiar Monopoly game play allows Beatles fans to own and trade some of the greatest icons in Beatles history.
  • Traditional Houses & Hotels are renamed Listening Parties and Concerts
  • A must have for any Beatles fan
So, all of you BEATLE PEOPLE go and check this out!

Oh, here's something else I just stumbled upon:

Product Features (from Amazon):
  • 2,592 questions with various degrees of difficulty 33% Easy, 33% Medium, 33% Hard
  • 6 categories include: history, songs, albums & singles, movies, the Beatles in America, on their own
  • All-new game board bonus track creates more strategy, more interaction and more fun
  • Custom game board features iconic photography of the fab four
  • Custom die features beatles logo and other icons

Get your's here

Outasite! Right on!