Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Faxing services while cruising, working nomads

I've been using eFax for the last 5 years. Nowadays, I send less than 5 faxes a year so the $16.95/month just didn't make sense anymore.

Over the past couple of years I started searching for other services but got distracted or discouraged or something and just stayed with eFax.

eFax is good in that you have a fax number that people send the fax to and then it is emailed to you in pdf format. I love that.  We have had many times when people could not send us faxes though. I would tell eFax about this but not get a response.  To send a fax, you just send an email with the fax number in the "To" address... something like " The file you attach to the email gets sent as a fax. You can also use their web interface but I've never done that but could be handy if using someone else's computer.

So, earlier this month after getting billed another $16.95 for a service I don't really use, I went on the hunt for something that suits our needs better and decided to go with MaxEmail.

It is very similar to use as eFax. I signed up for their free trial and sent a couple of test faxes between MaxEmail and eFax. MaxEmail worked just fine so I signed up with them.

MaxEmail LITE costs $24.00/year (as opposed to 12 months of eFax at $203.40). There was a $10 set up fee and they gave me a $2.95 promotional credit.

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With this plan (MaxEmail LITE) you get 100 pages of INbound faxes/month. (I turned off the voicemail feature but you might like it). Outbound faxes are $0.05/30 seconds which means the $2.95 of credit almost gets you 10 minutes of faxing... Now, even if my fax takes 3 minutes that's only $0.30 and let's say I do that 5 times a year which comes to $1.50... Let's get silly and double that figure all the way up to $3... $24/yr subscription and $3 fax fees is now $27/YEAR which is still a lot less than my eFax of $203/year.

With the MaxEmail Lite plan you cannot choose your area code.  Ours is now a Chicago number but it really doesn't matter to me. This plan is affordable, some might say "cheap", and it meets our needs.

I wish I would have done this a couple of years ago... So It Goes...

I received a contract from a client yesterday via MaxEmail and the quality was just fine.  No problem.

I had a bit of a problem cancelling / terminating my eFax service. I wrote to them three times and did not get a response. I couldn't find anything on their website pertaining to this subject. Today I tried their "Sales Live Chat" and got a quick message back saying contact our special support team at

So that's another thing off "The List" HURRAY!!!

Hope somebody will find this helpful.