Friday, October 09, 2009


It's Friday again.  This week has gone by fast.

This is a photo of Willow & Buffy together in the cockpit waiting for the butterfly buffet to begin.  The past 10 days we've had LOTS of cabbage white butterflies passing by the boat in the mornings.  I'm sure that Buffy has gotten her share, but Willow sometimes will bring them down to the salon to show us her prize.  Right now I can see their heads swivelling around tracking the butterflies.

Cats love the nighttime. Sometimes they just hang and take it easy.  Other times they go crazy and chase each other through the boat, up and out of the hatch, down the deck, and back inside.  They make this circuit many times, often running over my feet and leaving little punctures.

We used to keep the hatches fully open at night so they could go out, but I couldn't get a good night's rest as I would be having one ear waiting for a "splash" noise (or "ploof" in French).  They would be chasing each other about the deck... thumpa thumpa thumpa... screech screech (claws on fiberglass making sharp turn)... thumpa thumpa... and hopefully no "splash".

Buffy likes a good paper bag.  We get ours from Island Water World on St Maarten... they understand about cat toys.  The string (2mm double braid cord) on the left, is the kitten's favorite toy right now.

It looks like is having problems today as my "What I'm currently reading" widget on the right is sometimes not displaying the book, so I'll place it here in the text...

Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, Fully Revised and Updated

I like this book and I take it down from the bookshelf from time to time and read a bit of it which just happens to take my fancy.