Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tropical Storm HENRI soon come

Just read that at 5pm they will be declaring Tropical Strom HENRI... another storm that skipped the Tropical Depression phase.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we had the Magnitude 4.5 earthquake centered 18 miles to the east of us?  Didn't I mention that it was still "that season" and Omar happened October 15-16...

Screenshot of StormPulse.com at 4:30pm AST Oct. 6,2009

Well, the thing I read at 4:30 said that it is to pass well north of the Lesser Antilles... We'll be keeping an eye on good 'ole Henri.

*** UPDATE 5:04pm

NHC has issued Advisory #1 and TS Henri forecast is good so far. When at 61W it is 21.5N & not TS but "remnant low" with max wind 25kt.

5pm October 6 2009

We'll keep checking though, because those things change... Like Ana earlier this year who kept us on our toes... She's going south, no north, through us, no south...

So It Goes :)