Monday, December 21, 2009

First day of Winter 2009 - ST CROIX

Well, today is the first day of winter.  I was pretty chilly last night and when I looked at my clock/thermometer at 7am this morning it said 78°F. Brrrrrr.... No wonder Buffy was snuggled up against me :)

I'm starting to feel more "normal"... well, perhaps I should say more like my old self :) It's been 2 weeks now since we lost our rig and came to Christiansted. Sorry for not posting very much. I have a lot that I want to say and I promise to get to it soon.  I've also been neglecting the charter blogs (yacht charters, barge charters) which is a shame, although we have been busy with new clients and a few bookings!

Here's a photo of where we initially anchored in Christiansted, St Croix.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

We like being at the back of the pack.  Also, most of the boats are on moorings which makes anchoring a bit difficult.

Saturday the wind shifted to the south (weird) so we had to move due to our new position in relation to the unoccupied boat next to us. They predict a WNW wind for Christmas which is very unusual.

We moved to a place still in the back row, so to speak, but we're now closer to the Seaborne seaplane dock (I love the smell of kerosene in the morning). Also, the cats (and us) didn't care for the noise of the planes.  In fact, this morning one plane had his wing pass over our boat.  I don't know if this was a "hint" or if he was just getting a thrill. We planned to move this morning anyway as a small boat that was on anchor left yesterday afternoon, thus leaving a hole for us :)

Here we are at our new spot.

Close dinghy ride to the dock & good WiFi reception.

And, we are farther away from the seaplane as you can see below.

That boat without the mast in the above photo is not us. I assume he removed his mast for hurricane season, or perhaps was one of the boats damaged in Hurricane Omar last year.

The noise of the seaplane engines is much more tolerable in our new spot and has less of an eardrum-splitting quality.  Maybe the cats won't run inside everytime one of them taxis.

Here's our view looking out towards the reef...

Pretty nice day for the first day of Winter.