Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner St Thomas USVI style

Here's a photo I took at Pueblo (5 days after Thanksgiving) of their Thanksgiving Dinner offer...

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For $74.95, you get:
  • 10-12 pound turkey
  • 4 pounds of baked macaroni and cheese
  • 4 pounds of peas and rice
  • 1 pumpkin or apple pie
  • 12 dinner rolls

Personally, I don;t feel that it is good value for $75, even taking into account that someone is preparing it for you.

How about the candied yams, cranberry sauce, baked potatoes, turkey gravy, and all the other holiday treats?

Bob prepared a wonderful BBQ steak dinner with sauteed mushrooms, candied yams, baked potatoes, etc. It was really GOOD!