Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bareboats... Don't anchor near me, please

Bareboats and anchoring... Boy, can I rant about that, but I'll try and spare you... a bit :)

Yesterday, while dinghying back to the boat, we passed by two bareboats in the crowded mooring field in Christiansted Harbor, St Croix USVI.

(Click image to enlarge)

The monohull and catamaran are rafted together and they have tied up to two moorings off the starboard side of the monohull so they are tethered fore and aft.  Bob says they had an anchor off the bow, and I don't know about the port side... But, this makes them unmoveable and there are many boats moored around them which WILL move.  I know WE were pointing every which way last night!

It is always a bit nervous making when we don't have much wind and the boats swing around willy nilly and not necessarily in concert with those about them, due to different scope, hull characteristics, windage, currents...  Hopefully these Sunsail boats played well with others, but I'm glad they were not in our neighborhood.