Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cruisers Map for Christiansted St Croix USVI

My project for today (feels like a Saturday) is to put together a helpful map for cruisers coming to Christiansted, St Croix, US Virgin Islands.

I did a couple of screenshots of Google Maps for the area, then stitched them together, and placed numbers on them.  It is a pretty large image but for me, this is what I would have like to have had when we arrived here :) Gives a good overview...

( Click image to view enlarged map in new window )

1) St Croix Marine - Dinghy Dock
2) Customs & Immigration
3) US Post Office
4) Gallows Bay Ace Hardware
5) VI Trading Lumberyard
6) Undercover Bookstore
7) Progressive Veterinary Hospital - 340-719-7387
8) Laundry
9) Schooner Bay Market

10) Bus Stop
11) Styxx - Dinghy Dock
12) Seaborne Seaplane
13) Laundry - Prince's Street

14) Pueblo Supermarket
15) Bus Stop

You might find it handy to click on the image to go to the full size map and then download it to your computer where you can view it better.