Monday, January 18, 2010

FREE Book : Scottish Anchoring Cruising Guide

This morning I received an interesting tweet from Practical Boat Owners magazine (@p_b_o):
PBO News: Scottish anchoring guide 2010 - download free

You can get this FREE Scottish anchoring cruising guide from Yachting Life Online at This takes you to a page where you can read the guide online, but it also has a link to a pdf file so you can download this guide onto your computer which will be much handier!

(Click on image to enlarge)

They have advertising (which is good so you have a quick reference of where to find things), chartlets, and then details of specific anchorages & marinas...

We won't be going to Scotland this season (although both Bob & I have Scot ancestry), but maybe you will... or perhaps you are a scot-o-phile :)

Here's a photo we received last week from one of the hotel barges we represent SCOTTISH HIGHLANDER... (See post) They are available for winter charters, as well as summer... Inquire!

I bet he's wearing socks!