Saturday, January 09, 2010

St Croix USVI Bus Schedule Christiansted-Frederiksted

VITRAN BUS SCHEDULE for Christiansted - Frederiksted route

Trying to get some info out to those of you who might visit St Croix, US Virgin Islands.

We like using the VITran buses because they are only $1.00 per trip, regardless of distance.

There are also taxi buses which charge a flat fee of $2.50. We haven't used these because they aren't marked any differently from a "normal" taxi.  We've been told to flag down a taxi (vans with a taxi dome) and ask if they're a 250 taxi. I guess if you see a taxi van with some people staying aboard while some are getting off, that that is a pretty safe bet.

There are also normal taxis which are more expensive. For example, Christiansted to Golden Rock Shopping Center is $8 one way for up to 2 people.

This morning, for example, we are going to walk up to Pueblo supermarket at Golden Rock and then take the $1 Vitran bus back (10 minute ride) with our shopping.  It is a bit of a hike, but we need the exercise. Today, we are going to take a different walking route there. We'll leave our dinghy in front of Styxx and then walk along the boardwalk until it ends at the seaplane dock and then turn right on the road and follow it up to the main street, then take a right on it and continue until we run into the shopping center.  Before, we have tied up at Styxx, walked through (Caravelle Arcade) and take a right onto Strand Street and then take a left on a side street to King Street (runs parallel to Strand). Take a right, and follow this road and Golden Rock will be the second traffic light. Warning: the traffic lights are far apart :) You will pass the police station and the main post office.

I have typed out the bus schedule for the Christiansted-Frederiksted route from the copy I received from the lady at the National Parks Service. This morning I called Vitran to verify the time of the last bus for the weekend schedule and I was surprised that they quit so early. On weekend and holidays, there is only one bus running on this route (normally two) and Vitran works from 7am-4pm, so be careful... you have been warned :)  Although, you can probably take a $2.50 taxibus if you're too late for the bus.

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It's another beautiful, sock-less day in St Croix.