Monday, January 11, 2010

Yesterday & Today in St Croix

Yesterday, Sunday, we decided to get in the dinghy and go for a snorkel away from the boat.  We chose a shallow area with grass and sand.

There were quite a few conch, and it appears to be mating season (didn't take any photos of that :)

I found the trails that the conch leave very interesting. I wonder how fast they move?

Bob picked up one conch shell and it had a hermit crab squatting in it.


I enjoyed our swim... (today we got a phone call from a client in Boston and it was 9F degrees... It's 80-something here).

Today, we took the bus up to Sunny Isle to visit the big hardware store so we could check out their lumberyard. Didn't see anything of interest.

We went to Cost-U-Less and bought a couple of things, but we have found that it's just as good, if not better, to go shopping at Pueblo and Schooner Bay Market.

Looks like the sun is almost over the yardarm (we don't have a mast but there must be a boat with a yard somewhere... Yes, the Schooner Roseway!) so we'll pour ourselves a wee tot of Cruzan Blackstrap Rum and have some quality time with the cats. Mmmmmmmm, nice stuff!