Monday, April 26, 2010

Surprise, it's raining!

At least yesterday (Sunday) it only rained a couple of drops very early in the morning.  We did make a bit of progress on our mast and we were looking forward to doing some major work today.

The weather forecast on the radio said that we might get a bit of slight showers today (it's really pouring) but probably not as a high pressure system is moving in and it should be dry for at least Tuesday and Wednesday.... I've heard that before...

Shucky-Darn !!!

Maybe we'll go up to the Do-It-Best Caribe hardware store by Sunny Isle shopping center and ask about some plywood.  I called them on Saturday to ask about delivery but it was definitely not the A-team (I hope!) that answered. It is usually best to ask in person and to weekday staff.

So it goes...