Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Memorial Day

There were only a few drops of rain last night.  Not enough for Buffy to come inside.

This morning we went and put on another 12" strip of biax cloth. We were going to come back in an hour or so to start on another 12" strip but it rained about 10 minutes after returning to the boat... of course! But we weren't too worried that it would cause any problems.

After checking out the remains of Ace Hardware's tent sale, it looked like it was going to rain some more so we just went back to the mast and put the tarp over it.  Right now, sun is streaming through the ports although the sky still looks like potential rain.  Hope we'll do the carbon tows and the 2nd layer of biaxial cloth tomorrow (Tuesday).

Here's a photo of Woo from the boat s/v Love Inn. Woo and his friend Bob were visiting Jerry at the shop.  He really likes the wind from the fan... his fur was flying all over, wish I took a video.

Hope you are having an excellent holiday weekend.