Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday started good...

We were off to a pretty good start on Saturday morning.  We left the boat at 10am.  We only had a tiny bit of rain last night and the plastic tarp was still on the mast.  Great!

While I was cleaning out the plastic pots used for yesterday's epoxy, Bob had a visitor stop by and chat for awhile about this and that.

So, we turned over the mast and wetted out those grooves that didn't get it yesterday, with clear epoxy.

(Kerry, Bob's Promenade shirt just isn't going to survive this project.  This is our last shirt but they served us well!)

Then I started making the epoxy filler goop with my magic powders. I knew that we don't have enough colloidal silica to finish this part of the project (darn!) and will have to buy some more today locally, but I forgot to bring over the 2 bags of wood flour that we have on the boat, so we won't get to work as long as we wanted to before stopping for lunch.

Here's Bob feeling groovy... Getting into the groove?  Sorry, just had to get that in there some how :)

This is my little work area. The table is too low and I have to bend over to add fillers to the pots which is quite a strain after a couple of hours of constant mixing, but as I've said many times, I'm thankful for what we've got.

The other day I bought some Playtex dishwashing gloves (they were difficult to find!). I actually prefer them to the blue disposable gloves that you can see in the photo above.  We have to go over to Ace Hardware (if it's not raining) and see if they have some.

Epoxy tip:
  • When I put the epoxy bottles away for the day, I put an old glove on the each pump with a finger going over the spout. Then, if somehow the pump gets depressed or if there's a change in atmospheric pressure, the leaked resin or hardener will be contained.
Looks like it might not rain!  Maybe we can go to the store and get a bit more work done but I expect we'll get back too late.  So It Goes...

We bought some colloidal silica from the local marine store (which was a dollar cheaper than Ace).  For WEST System, it was over $23 for 5.5 oz. We need it now, so we bought it. Tomorrow we'll make another order to RAKA where colloidal silica is $10.75 for an 8 oz bag.