Friday, May 07, 2010

Wonderful Weather Wednesday

We had wonderful weather on Wednesday and most of Thursday. It was dry through late yesterday evening... Then it rained off and on all night and really heavy once.  This morning it has continued to rain off and on. It was very gray when I was making coffee.  The sun did peek out and now it is humid.

Even if it doesn't rain anymore today, it will still be a few hours before we can do anything so perhaps we should take advantage of the crappy weather and do some needed food shopping.

Wednesday we arranged all the strips in the mast mold into good positions (no two scarf joins side by side, for instance) and we let it sit and relax into its new orientation (some of these thin strips like to take on various artistic curves). We also had visitors drop by and chat (which was nice) so we didn't do as much as we had hoped.

Thursday was another fine day. At noontime we tacked the mast together with 5 strips of cloth. We returned later in the afternoon to apply the layer of glass to the interior of the mast half #2.  Didn't finish until it got dark, but it was good.  Lots of lizards came out to feed on the mosquitos that were feeding on us :)

We will zip over there soonish and see what's up and then continue up to the mall.

A dinghy zipped by the boat a few minutes ago and Buffy chased it down the side deck.  Our little watchcat!  Willow wants to play with her string :)

Happy Friday!