Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another thing the cats don't like

Buffy & Willow do NOT like boat horns (maybe because of all the horn honking that goes on when the megas pass through the bridge in St Maarten) but car & truck horns don't bother them.

Last night we discovered that they don't like gunshots either.

The anchorage was so flat and calm (and windless) last night that we left the hatches open for any additional cooling breeze we could benefit from and also to let the cats enjoy some nighttime outdoor time... maybe THEY will see some shooting stars :)

I woke up at about 4am and noticed that Willow was inside asleep on her cat condo and that Buffy was eating. 4:00am seems to be their preferred time for playing chase outside. After about 10 minutes of thumping back and forth on the deck, they settled down.  A noise woke me up (car?) and then I heard 6 gunshots. I stood up on the bed to look out the hatch and Willow pushed by and jumped down into the safety of one of her hidey-holes.

She was smart.  One should NEVER look outside when one hears gunshots... duh! But, I heard cars leaving so it should have been OK.  A minute later, there was another shot heard farther down the road. Many more cars departed shortly thereafter. Didn't see or hear any police cars. Might have heard a flurry of distant shots a few minutes later, but might not have...

UPDATE, 18 Aug 2010: Newspaper story

Nice & Peaceful Place

Last night there were some festivities over at the pavillion but I don't know what the occasion was.  The music went all night but it wasn't obnoxiously loud.

Maybe the cats could use some body protection when they go out at night.

From: Armor for Cats & Mice

Buffy's would have to have a bit of alteration in the tailpiece, though.

Wonder how they would hold up in a marine environment?  Probably would be best not to be in a violent, gun-toting environment... That's why we have an anchor... Just pull it up and go somewhere else :)