Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun stuff - more fun than a Tropical Storm

I found some fun stuff while updating our Tropical Tiki Party Store this afternoon that I mentioned in this blog a couple of days ago.

I didn't look for cat outfits... I don't know how they'd like that, although they don't seem to mind their leis.

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I wonder how these little LEDs strapped to your fingers would work for other than party fun...
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I just found something else that is cool... literally cool...

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Boy, oh boy, we could have used a couple of those vests yesterday. Just about got heat stroke walking up to the store, and then when we got back to the boat it was 96F inside.

Get your tropical party stuff here. If not for Labor Day, then perhaps for Talk Like a Pirate Day which is coming up soon.... Please excuse the shameless plug :)

And EARL... you can take a turn to the right anytime now.  You're NOT invited to our party!