Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Good things

We recently received a few good things... besides the fact (hopefully) that Tropical Storm Colin is supposed to steer clear of us :)

Tropical Storm Colin - August 2, 2010 8am forecast

We ordered a new mattress from Cabelas. Shipping was via US Postal Service so no problem there.  They did have an $8 additional surcharge for being a large item but that's OK as shipping was still under $20. I procrastinated buying the mattress and when we got around to it, they had a special offer (expires today) of $5 shipping if your purchase was over $100. Cool !!! The shipping was so cheap that I phoned Cabelas to verify the shipping charge to the Virgin Islands as I didn't want to be surprised.

Cabela's Ultimate Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads

They shipped it USPS Priority Mail and shipping was $13. Thank you, Cabelas.

We've had a for a week now and we love this mattress. We bought the 54"x78" model and it fits very well in the space we have. It is so much better than both of the the leaky "temporary" air mattresses we've had in the last 6 months. The air bed was too bouncy. I found it uncomfortable and if I tossed and turned, it would cause Bob to bounce up and down and wake him up.  It was also difficult for the cats to play on unless it was just about totally deflated. Read the product comments for the Cabela's mattress. Other people love it too, with most of the bad reviews saying that it is difficult to roll the big double mattress back up but that's not a problem for us or most other folks.

    <rant>Just a short rant... I almost placed an order with Harbour Freight for a few items but they were going to charge $60 for shipping via USPS Parcel Post with a 20 day estimated delivery time. No way!</rant>

Yesterday we received our new Coleman French Press coffee maker, along with a pair of Teva sandals each. This unit is made of stainless steel and you can use it to boil the water as there are no plastic parts. When the water is heated, turn off the stove, add your coffee, stir it up, put the lid & plunger unit on it, and wait a few minutes. Press down the plunger and voilĂ ... c'est tout.

Coleman Stainless Steel French Press

Easy to clean as the filter unit unscrews so you can easily dismantle it for cleaning. The handle is also removable.  Very cool unit. You can buy this through Amazon.com for $17.97. Mr & Ms Cheapseats think this is a good deal.

Another thing is that the cats love the boxes... Hours of entertainment :)