Saturday, August 07, 2010

Saturday... time flies

I can tell it's Saturday with the way the boat has been rocking with all of the powerboats zipping by.  It seems like they try to see just how close they can get to us sometimes. We will we will rock you... Just as long as they stay on the other side of the mooring ball and not the part between the ball and the boat... Oh no, what if they want to play "limbo"???

Another thing these motorheads do is their victory loop around the moorings while waiting for a spot on the slipway.  Some boats do slow down but this generally makes things worse. Now their nose is way up in the air and they have a HUGE wake. They need to stop momentarily so they will drop back down and then continue on as they should in a no-wake zone.

Should I mention the sportfishing boats? Nah, you catch my drift :)

I'm not against power boats in general, but some of the operators give a bad name to the whole class.

Here comes another rant... Watch out!

It appears that lots of people don't know that there's a difference between dingy and dinghy (and another pet peeve: lose and loose).

Yes, there are many dingy dinghies (plural is -IES and not dinghys), but:
  • Dingy means drab, gloomy, dirty, shabby, squalid; while
  • Dinghy is a small boat
You would be surprised how many misspellings of this we see from charter yachts. Is it laziness or lack of education?

This is a book that I think I need...

Correct Your French Blunders: How to Avoid 99% of the Common Mistakes Made by Learners of French.

I'm so paranoid about making mistakes when I speak French that either I don't speak at all, or I put a question mark at the end of my sentences (so as to say "Am I saying this correctly?" or "Do you understand what I'm trying to say?").

You think I'm "Ms Picky" about spelling errors, but the French can be quite frightening about foreigners abusing their language. I had a traumatic experience the first time I ordered a hamburger in Paris and that episode sticks with me to this day.

I'm looking forward to improving my French and hope to set up some French language lessons on my iPod.  There are just so many good and FREE courses available that it is difficult to choose which one to start with.

It's a beautiful day and a good time for a quick swim! Hope your weekend is off to a good start.

I hope I didn't make any spelling errors in this post... that would serve me right :)