Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hurricane IGOR takes a turn away from Virgin Islands

Hurray! Hurricane Igor has turned northwards a bit. His path is now WNW.

I was very happy to see this bit from the 5:00am advisory:

The 5:00am position was 17.9N 51.7W and we are 17.7N 64.4W. We'll see how it goes with the 11:00am.

He's supposed to start on a NW track sometime soon, so don't let up... Keep pushing Igor to the north.

We appreciate your help :)

We should be getting some swell in the anchorage so it would be good to go shopping today before it gets too choppy.

HAPPY DANCE TIME: 5pm Update... 
Igor's position is 18.8N 53.1W
which is about 770 miles to the northeast of us...