Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tropical Storm Gaston et nous

Wonderful... TS Gaston is approximately 1790 miles away from St Croix. Too far for accurate predictions but I want to know NOW.

This is the 5am forecast for Gaston.

I still like the orange one the best... Come on, ORANGE! yeah!!!

The ditzy lady on the radio yesterday told everyone that 2 of the models for Fiona had the track circling back so we might get hit twice (never came close to us and there were no curlicues on the models we saw). Today she was going on about Gaston and how there were so many tracks focussing on St Croix & St Thomas. I think she would like to be a Fox News reporter and just wants to sound important regardless of facts that just get in the way :)

We didn't make it to the store yesterday as we had water in the outboard's fuel tank. That took a bit of time to sort out but it's done.  It's something that just kind of normally accumulates but we had lots of water in the dinghy from Hurricane Earl's rain which probably added to it.

Last night we were invited to dinner by our neighbor on the next mooring over. He's not a liveaboard and we finally met because of Hurricane Earl.  That was a good thing because now we have each other's phone numbers and email addresses so we can communicate in case of a problem with the boats.  We went to Angry Nate's on the Christiansted Boardwalk and had their Wendesday night Prime Rib special. The food was great (salad or New England clam chowder, big steak that was actually rare, baked potato with all the trimmings, perfectly cooked crisp green beans with almonds, and a fruit cobbler for $22) and so was the service!  The waitress started off by bringing us water glasses... how unusual. She stopped by several times to see how we were doing, plus she replenished our water and ice teas before the levels hit the bottom. This might seem like a small thing to you, but I haven't had this type of service in many, many years. We've had dinner there twice and both times were excellent.

We are going shopping today (everything willing) and do a bit of a megashop.  This is a 3-day weekend before a potential storm, so we have to get food, water, gas, and hit the ATM before the machine's money runs out...  I'd love (love is not the right word)... I could really do with hitting the laundromat but it's such a drag.

The amount of rain we had yesterday was amazing.  I'm looking forward to making a rain catcher but that has to wait until other things are in place.

So It Goes...