Friday, October 08, 2010


Today seems like a beautiful day in comparison to those we've had since Tuesday afternoon. So much rain! Yesterday morning we had a squall with 55MPH gusts.

The Virgin Islands' public schools are closed again today and many government employees have the day off (4-day weekend).

Here's an article from Thursday in the St Croix Source. Poor Ms Gaffin of St John...
On St. John, a huge mudslide Wednesday on Centerline Road near Coral Bay has diverted water running downhill from Upper Carolina to the point where it now frequently flows through Pam Gaffin’s house. “I have water hitting my bathroom door up to my knees,” she said Thursday. Additionally, Centerline Road at her house is undermined about two to three feet and to the point where she said it’s unsafe for large trucks to pass. When a utility pole went down around 2 a.m. Wednesday, it also took out Gaffin’s electricity.
I went for a swim late yesterday afternoon. When I was in the water I thought that I really shouldn't be in the water because of all the runoff that's been pouring into the sea. The day before (Wednesday) I noticed that the water was very brown and also that there were long stripes of white soap-like bubbles.

Then I saw this in the Virgin Islands Daily News:
Power outages prompted some problems with both the V.I. Waste Management Authority and with HOVENSA.

According to Steve Aubin, Waste Management chief operating officer, power went off Tuesday evening to the LBJ pump station and at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, Waste Management’s generator at the station failed.

Waste Management then started bypassing sewage into the sea over Long Reef, Aubin said.

At 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, the power came back on, and the bypassing was stopped, Aubin said.
Long Reef is the long reef outside of Christiansted where we get some neat looking surf at times... I hope the sewage had washed out of our area before I went swimming at 4pm this afternoon. My goodness!

This morning we are having a bee invasion. Buffy and Willow are very excited watching and chasing them about, while I have always had a bee phobia and cringe or hide when I see bees/wasps. I suppose our visitors have something to do with all the rain. If they are looking for a new home, I hope they realize they are not welcome here.  One bee just drowned himself in my coffee cup.  He went out with a BUZZ :)

Sun is coming through the ports.  Wow!  It hasn't rained since 6am.  Zowie!!!

Time for a new cup of coffee... Have a good one...