Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Ferrets: Halloween Costumes & Videos

I was surprised when looking through Amazon's Halloween Store that there are costumes for FERRETS!

I then Googled "songs about ferrets" because I'm sure I've heard something about keeping ferrets down your trousers, and found Budweiser commercials with a ferret.  Yes, we are out of touch.  We haven't had a TV in years (we do buy DVD's though). but have always loved Bud ads.

Here's one you might remember:

So, if you have a ferret you might want to check out these costumes for the upcoming festivities of Halloween.

We don't recommend a Chainsaw Massacre costume for your Trick & Treating ferret but, if you must, don't give the wee tyke a real chainsaw... We warned you!

One more treat for you.  Here is a series of 18 Budweiser commercials with the frogs, lizards, and ferret (almost 8 minutes). It is sooooo funny.  It's Friday... have a laugh!

And remember to check out the Amazon's Halloween Store, too! There's loads of fun & interesting stuff there... Do you have Halloween music? Don't forget Monster Mash... It's a classic.