Friday, October 22, 2010

Going aground - nuclear subs do it too

A British, nuclear-powered, stealth submarine went aground in shallow waters off the Isle of Skye... (see BBC story)

Dude... how embarrasing that must have been!

Here's a great quote on the subject:

"Only two sailors, in my experience, never ran aground. One never left port and the other was an atrocious liar." - Don Bamford

I went aground on my first trip aboard So It Goes. We were moving in to Saga Haven Marina in the Benner Bay Lagoon on St Thomas, USVI and we came to an unexpected stop.  I was used to Loose Moose 2's 16-inch draft and wasn't watching So It Goes depth sounder. Oops, we draw 4-ish feet...

Loose Moose heading to the slipway to be launched in Meaux, France
(notice the bottom shape & only 1-foot draft)

With our first Loose Moose (26-foot Jessie Cooper) we touched bottom several times in the Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme estuary when the tide was going out.  We had people watching us from the road on the shore wondering how we could possibly make way in such a drying stream... When Loose Moose ran into a hump, I went as far aft as possible then went and stood on the bow so we slid over it.  The marina accused us of delaying our check in because no boat could enter at that state of tide...

Really low tide

The Tortoise was also good for "thin water"

Oh, we do love and miss our Mooses.

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