Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween - A treat I want! The Hoodman Cinema Kit Pro

This morning I was happy to see that it is a fine day.  The center of Hurricane Tomas is 230 miles to the south of us and we right now have sun and blue sky.

Yesterday we replaced the weatherstripping on the two hatches above our bed. We had a couple of light rain showers last night and NO LEAKS!  Hurray!!! I suppose that over the next couple of days we will have plenty of rain to test the new seals.

Here is a treat that I WANT!

It is the Hoodman Cinema Kit Pro. It is an accessory for a DSLR camera so you can properly view the LCD monitor through a cinema-type eyepiece.

It has a very simple and sensible mounting bracket system and has a reasonable price of about $209.

You can buy it on
Cinema Kit Pro
(HoodLoupe 3.0, HoodMAG 3.0, & HoodCrane)

No velcro or glue required as on other systems, including more expensive ones. This product is clean and easily adjusted to fit your specific camera.

We bought something last year that was a big disappointment. It was a soft mount and just didn't work. At the time I thought "why don't they do something like this?" and Hoodman has!

Hoodman adds a smart hot shoe mount for using the HoodLoupe 3.0 during DSLR Video Capture. The new mount is called HoodCrane. HoodCrane is available with the Cinema Kit Pro which includes:
  • HoodLoupe 3.0, diopter adjusts to your vision
  • HoodMAG, 3X magnifying eyecup for HoodLoupe 3.0
  • HoodCrane, Universal Hot Shoe Mount for LCD Accessories
If you already have the HoodLoupe 3.0 you can pick up the HoodCrane and HoodMAG separately.

Happy Halloween!

We only make a few pennies on purchases but everything helps and we appreciate it!