Tuesday, October 05, 2010

It's cool...

I just looked at the 2pm forecast for Invest 97L. They say that the center of this disturbance is now past us & about 210 miles to the north of us. It might develop into a tropical depression in the near future but it will be out of our neck of the woods.

Right now it is just dumping rain on a large area of the Caribbean.  We had a few light rain showers last night and we have had a couple of heavy bouts today but not bad... except we were in the dinghy at the time :)  I thought it was going to drizzle all day but nope (hurray!) It is gray and a bit breezy.  Willow was being quite restless as she was upset by the weather but she's sleeping now.

This is how it looked at 2:30pm after we got off the bus to return home.

One nice thing is that it is cool... Only 83°F.  I don't have the fans on! It's a good day for cocoa.

Not complaining... Could be worse... Like something named "Otto"