Friday, October 08, 2010

More Friday Foolishness... Cat Blogging too!

Wow, just when I thought conditions were improving, we got severely dumped on.  The cats took it in stride and decided to play with their crackling tube. They like the noise it makes.

 Willow went inside...
 and then Buffy pounced on her through the other end :)

Bob found this interesting web page on which shows hurricane rankings for  Caribbean & Atlantic islands... SEE HERE

The rain has stopped and Buffy is outside meowing for someone to come out and be with her... Bob made some hot chocolate so I'm going to savor that right now and Willow dozing is in her kitty condo. I couldn't resist... I stuck my head out (rain IS still pitter pattering) and talked to Buffy.  Maybe she wants the bees to come back and play... She just came back inside. Oh, her dish is empty and it's 3 hours before their dinner. Poor puss!

I'd like to thank Broadband VI, our internet service provider. We've been having periods of S.L.O.W.N.E.S.S and timing out, etc. I called a technician who I've spoken to in the past and left a voicemail. Can you believe that he RETURNED MY CALL!  How cool is that. Definite Brownie Points.

So much to do... I was hoping to work a bit on my new Amazon store for Pirate Party Supplies. It's fun and I hope will be helpful to some of you. We make a small pittance which we can then use to buy a DVD sometime down the line.

Got some time for a little bit of fun? Halloween is coming up soon. Check out Amazon's Halloween Storenow and avoid the last-minute panic.

They have some marvelous stuff... costumes, of course, but also costumes for your pets!

Lots of neat decorations, lighting (Halloween lava lamps!), crafts (including pumpkin carving), candy, tableware for your festivities, baking accessories (cookie cutters, cake pans, spooky cake decorations), makeup, music, movies, books, even stuff to trick out your ride :)