Wednesday, October 06, 2010

TD 17, soon to be Otto?

UPDATE: 12:24 & 3:45 (see photos below)

Good thing we went shopping yesterday as it has been raining almost solidly since our dinghy ride back to the boat. Quite breezy at times, too. We have had 30-50 MPH gusts.

Last night at about midnight we put a washtub outside and at 8:00am we had 3.5" of water in it.

It pretty much stopped raining a half hour ago and the cats have made good use of this time running about the deck playing.  The wind is coming back so I suppose we'll have more rain soon.

According to this map, it looks like the center of this storm system passed very close to us.  Now the center is about 300 miles away, but that is just the center. Barbados is having floods. There are flash flood warnings in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Schools in St Croix are closed today and government workers were told to come to work at noon. People are supposed to stay off the roads this morning because of debris.

One good thing is that our two early morning fishing boats that pass by us with a big wake between 5:00 and 6:00am didn't go out until after I made 7:00am coffee.

Willow just popped back inside and here comes the RAIN...

Lots of clouds so lots of rain, I suppose... It's very dark and gray out. We are very snug and cozy except for the hatches. So It Goes...

12:24PM update:

Our washtub filled up so I poured it into a jerrycan then we got a couple of inches more.  Plenty of "free" water to wash my hair this afternoon :)

Not a pretty day...

But it's not all bad, Bob just made me some hot chocolate... Mmmmmm, thanks!

So It's Going....


Still an ugly, rainy, gray day... with the occasional bumpy bits...

Bob is bailing the dinghy. He estimates about 10 inches of water since he pumped out yesterday morning.

Not going to get much from the solar panels today!