Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day before Turkey Day

It is a blustery morning again here in Christiansted, but at least it doesn't look like rain... although sometimes it rains when the sun is shining :)

We were going to take the bus up to the big supermarkets yesterday but guess what?  It RAINED just about the time we needed to leave to catch the bus. We plan to walk up to Pueblo at Golden Rock this morning and get some fixin's for T-Day.  It's good exercise, too.

In Bob's BoatBits post this morning "T-Day minus one..." he mentioned dropping off something at a food bank. It would be great if Pueblo had a barrel at the exit door so we could put a couple of cans in it... Way back when I was a small child, stores used to do this and, remember Toys For Tots? Does this still exist?  Hopefully they still have food drives like this stateside, but I'm sure there are people here in the USVIs who would benefit, too.

This weekend was the Wahoo Tournament. We went to Saturday's weigh-in and they said that this guy would have probably won that day's catch except that a shark made out first :)

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We didn't go to see Sunday's fish because... it was RAINING!

Have you checked out the Black Friday Sale (all week) at Amazon?  We got one of their Lightning Deals on a TV series (6 DVD) for only $12 plus free shipping. Hurray!

And, thanks to whoever bought the Cuisinart! 
Appreciate that you followed our link
You get a Gold Star :)

At least with all of this crappy weather, I've been able to do some web work...

I heard that the folks who are messing about with that particle accellerator thingy & the big bang theory might soon have insights into other dimensions.  I could use some sort of time dimension so I could get more work done in a day (without wearing myself out) and a really useful one for all of us would be a spatial 4th dimension where you could have the accommodation of a 65-foot boat in a 34-foot boat package.

And, speaking of charities, have you pressed the purple button lately??? Go to The Animal Rescue Site and after pressing their button, run along the tabs at the top for Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, and Rain Forest and press their buttons, too.

Have an excellent day!