Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Some of you had a 4-dayer...

When I was a "fonctionnaire" in France we didn't get Thanksgiving off but it was made up for by LOTS of other holidays.  I loved the month of May, especially when the 1st fell on a Thursday because then we were able to "faire le pont" and make it into a 4-day weekend. With the 1st (Labor Day) on a Thursday, this made the 8th (VE day) also be a Thursday... Ascension usually fell in May, shortly followed by Pentecost and Whit Monday.  I used to get 6 weeks of paid vacation, too. Plus no-hassle HEALTH CARE, including dental!

Well, it hasn't rained much the past couple of days and when it has it's only been for a couple of minutes. I'm not complaining when the rain stops just as soon as I've closed the hatches. I'm not looking forward to a heavy rain because Buffy has been messing with our new weatherstripping.

Will this stop the rain from coming in?

If she's outside and notices that the forward hatch is only open an inch, she'll stick her paw in the gap and start clawing the weatherstripping along with an occasional munch.

I heard a noise a bit ago... Sounded like sails flapping which is unusual.  Popped my head out and it was the schooner Roseway heading out the channel.  She came back to St Croix last week after being up in the Great Lakes this summer.

Schooner Roseway

Not sure what to plan for today as the weather looks a bit unsettled.  Willow wants me to play with her some more :)

Listening to Randy California's Shattered Dreams album...

Hi again... I just went to check out Amazon's CyberMonday and noticed they had 40% off of BBC shows and had to tell you about this...

They have Black Adder Remastered: The Ultimate Edition available for only $44.99 today. This has the 4 seasons of Black Adder plus their various specials, as well as interviews, etc.  I bet that quite a few of you have never seen House MD's Hugh Laurie in his various comedic roles on English TV.  He is so funny in this series and Rowan Atkinson can be such a nasty, mean character... not like his more slapstick Mr.Bean character... although I really like the Mr. Bean's Holiday movie.

I would feel terribly guilty if I didn't mention this because it's something I enjoy so much and want to share.